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For reasons, I love Son Tra and its villages, forests, mountains, green life and beaches.  Time goes and life changes, family is far away from that oceanic corner, the mountain turns into the new pages with luxury resorts, beaches & adventures excursions.

Back to Son Tra, I reset a new lifestyle.  Beside Cư Mgar, Daklak and Saigon, luckily, I found life missions and enjoyment.

Many times sitting down at Cho Mai’s coffee, with silence and cigarettes, thinking about Right & Wrong, I coulnd  find out the karma why I was born here.

From the blog, I would love to create a SON TRA HUB for ones who love and care of Son Tra, The Monkey Mountain, its green life.


Regards from sunny beaches,

Hai Sontra

Clint Moses, US F4 Fighter Pilot
Clint Moses, US F4 Fighter Pilot

” Vietnam remaining unsettling personal quandary for me – fitful, vexing, emotional unresolved 24 years after I left the country behind. When our plane climbed clear skies away from Danang to return the World, my army compatriots called it – the cheers aboard were resounding. I didnt share their euphoria. They didnt share my emtiness”

Son Tra sisters,
Son Tra sisters,
Cho Mai Son Tra, Life karma
Cho Mai Son Tra, Life karma

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