Da Nang Wild Life Walk

Da Nang Wildlife Walking Tour, Son Tra Peninsula, Hai Son Tra

Enjoy the best mountain walks, through forests and overlooking the sea, whilst meeting the wildlife at the same time… are the unique highlights.

With experiences and knowledge of a local expert, we offer unforgettable excursion along Son Tra penninsula.  For reasons, this fantastic walk is more than a tour. It is our share and care of wildlife in Son Tra as locals  living in Son Tra. 

Along the walk, at certain spots , guest will be provided  experiences the highlights of Son Tra Peninsual’s fauna and flora, certainly, the Red – shanked Doucs, the rarest monkey of the world. 


Tour Description

14.30: Our guide picks you up at your hotel.
15.00: Visit GreenViet, a local NGO, for a short introduction about the Son Tra peninsula’s biodiversity and the life of the red-shanked doucs, a rare species of monkey found on Son Tra.
15.30: Depart for mountain foot where the trek begins.  Enjoy the excitement of walking along the mountain side with a delightful view over Da Nang Bay to the Hai Van Pass and Hon Chao.  On a clear day, this is one of the best corners of Da Nang for photographs and nature.
Stop at selected points for red-shanked douc spotting whilst enjoying the atmosphere of the rainforest.
17.00: Tea-break around sunset at our selected ocean observation point.

17.30: Enjoy a little more walking before heading up the mountain trails to the historic radar station.
18.00: Drive down the mountain as the tour ends.
18.30: Guests return to their hotels.  End of services.

Steve Van (Mr.)
m. + (84) 932 475 016

Son Tra Wildlife Walks Eco Hat

Eco straw hat, practical hat for Son Tra Wildlife walking tour

Son Tra Wildlife Walks for red shanked doucs

The tour with expertise of Son Tra’s fauna and flora


Son Tra Wildlife Walking Tour,  tour to share our work, time and knowledge as local folk

Son Tra Tour

Guests are prodived aoppotunities to experience the nature at well picked-out spots

Da Nang Wildllife walks_Forest Son Tra

Soaking up the forest atmosphere

Qua Dad.jpg

Ficus sumatrana, one of the most favorite fruits of the monkeys

Hoang Hon Hon Co Ngua.jpg

Excursion offer a chance to to enjoy the stunning sunset at Da Nang Bay  and Annamit Range, Hai Son Tra

Son Tra Wildlife Walking Tour.jpg

Red shanked Douc, the Old World Monkey. Found only in north and central Viet Nam and Laos

Son Tra Wild LIfe Walks_ Son Tra Fishing Village

Son Tra fishing Village. Almost every morning, there is a fish market starts from 4 A.M


Son Tra Wildlife Walking Tour, one of the best chances

Son Tra Jeep Tour.jpg

Jeep tour Son Tra offers an oppotunity for getting close to the nature in adventurous mode, Hai Son Tra  


The first and most successful group with Mr. Kim Jones, Men Director,  Louis Vuiton, Paris

Son Tra Tour Da Nang 02.jpg

Sean and Elizabeth, New York

Hai Son Tra

From sharing local and wildlife experiences  to Tourists, I can support the community and contribute to nature conservation.


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