Path to Thoi Loi Mountain peak,Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai, Hai Sontra

Folk boys at sunset, Ly Son, Quang Ngai, Hai Sontra

Folk boys at sunset, Ly Son, Quang Ngai, Hai Sontra

Early moon at Ly Son, Quang Ngai, Hai Sontra

Early moon in Ly Son, Quang Ngai, Hai Sontra


Formerly known as Re Island (Cu lao Re), a native plan, is some 15 nautical miles east offshore Quang Ngai mainland, composed of Big Island and Small Island with total area of over 10 km2, divided into 03 communes of An Vinh, An Binh and An Hai.

Formed during The Neogen period from Volcano work.
Remains of the pre-200 C.E. Sa Huynh culture have been found on the islands.
The Cham used Ly Son as a transshipment base.
In the 17th Century the Nguyễn Lords started a colony on the islands from An Vĩnh, Bình Sơn District, in Quảng Ngãi, as part of the activities of the Hoàng Sa Company’s development of the Paracel Islands.
During US war in Vietnam, Ly Son was the site of a U.S. Navy radar installation.


+ Peninsula Statistics
Cù Lao Ré – Re Island
15 sea-miles North- east of Quang Ngai
10 sq.kms
2 main islands, Cu Lao Re and Cu Lao Bo Bai, few islets
Thoi Loi – Largest and famed mountain
21,000 people. 60% is in fishing business. The rest is famers/ farming
Flat. No river. 20 – 30 m above the sea level.
Tropical climate. Rainy season. Sep – Feb.
Yearly average humidity. 80%
Local main farming products: Garlic, onions, vegetables and seaweed/ algae

+ How to get there
+ Daily flight from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh to Chu Lai Airport, Quang Ngai
+ Mai Linh bus, Quang Ngai – Sa Ky Port. (055)3822666,

+ Daily morning hydrofoil back & forth Sa Ky port – Ly Son Island
08.00. Sa Ky port – Ly Son
07.00. Ly Son – Sa Ky port
Contact: 055 3867 905/ 0985 171 303 or 055- 867 632, 098 267 6269 local boat
+ Local contacts
Hotels & Guest House
+ Ly Son Hotel. 0553 867 888
+ Ben Bo Guest House.
+ My Linh Guest House. 055-3867 262
+ Hoa Bien Guest House. 055 3876 522

Son Thuy
055 3862 630/  0977 8966 32

Island van/ tuk- tak
055 3867 275/ 0986 469 142

Press about Ly Son
Visiting Ly Son Island
Noticeable Beauty of Ly Son Island

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