Cotu Hand Woven Textile Tour

Cotu Hand Woven Textile Tour, Hai Sontra

Cotu Hand Woven Textile Tour, Hai Sontra

Cotu Hand Woven Tour

In Quang Nam, Vietnam, the most colorful and unique hill tribe’s dress belongs to the Cotu. Some groups are more innovative nowadays.  The Cotu is the native people.

Tho cam Cotu or Cotu hand weaving is  distinguished by animal, human, nature and symbolic patterns beads – woven into the cloth. Today, the Cotu live mainly in Dong Giang ,Tay Giang and Nam Giang of Quang Nam; and are known for their traditional crafts.

Like almost other groups, Cotu cloth is usually geomantic in design, except the modern items for tourists. During festivals, important days, they wear all splendid and rich cultural cloths, both men and women.

Where do the natural colors come from? How the beads woven into the yang? How long to make a piece of weaving material? How’s the village daily life?  Cotu Hand Woven brings you an exploration of this Quang Nam Mountain Art & Lifestyle while offering full wings of an adventure.

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